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Posted: 2018-04-22 23:20:23

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Deduction is the process of using facts that you already know in order to draw conclusions. In theory, it's foolproof, but to perform deduction, you must know something already. If you start with an incorrect premise, your deductions may be false. Induction is the process of drawing a conclusion by observing the repeated occurrence of phenomena. By observing many rivers throughout the world, you might observe "All rivers flow downhill. By observing many swans throughout the world, you might naturally reach the conclusion "All swans are white." But no matter how many events you observe, it's still possible that you may have simply failed to observe the one event that disproves your hypothesis. One million white swans would not be enough to save you from the error in judgement, until you travel to Australia and discover the black swan. There is no way to form an inductive hypothesis that is guaranteed to be true. And, without correct premises, it is impossible to perform deductions that are guaranteed to be true. All thoughts stand upon these unstable foundations, and through them, all the wonderful works of humanity. Your thoughts may have mistakes - without that possibility, they would not be thoughts. Freely recognize when you or others have made a mistake, and strive forward.